About us

KG Group is one of the biggest, agriculture and food business groups across the Baltic States. It is formed from “Kauno Grudai”, “Kaisiadoriu Paukstynas”, “Vilniaus Paukstynas” and subsidiary companies.

The companies process agricultural products and focuses its activities on the manufacture of products with added value, export growth and consumer needs, which it achieves by amalgamating its activities.

The goal of the companies to fulfill its suppliers and partners objectives by being an innovator offering new solutions that not only help to address current, but also future issues. KG Group seeks to maintain an efficient amalgamation of its activities, retain its position as a top producer and gain the trust of its customers both in the Lithuanian and foreign markets.

KG Group consists of grain and poultry business portfolios. Two main branches of food and nonfood products have formed 13 independent businesses.

Our mission

To develop agriculture in Lithuania and have a responsible attitude towards quality in order to deliver natural products from the field to the table.


To consolidate our activities, retain our position as a top producer, and continue to earn the trust of our customers in both the Lithuanian and foreign markets.