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Kauno Grūdai is the leading and only company in the Baltic States which owns instant products factories that can offer a wide range of raw materials straight from our fields.

The company started producing instant noodles and porridge in 2011. These products are exported to 23 countries all over the world, including Spain, Germany, France, Holland and Scandinavian countries.

The company is proud of its 4 own brands and over 35 private label products.

Cooperating with major European retailers and distributors, the company is a regular participant in international food exhibitions such as SIAL (Paris), Anuga (Cologne), IFE (London) and PLMA (Amsterdam).

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The source of energy!

Porridge, comprised of whole grain oatmeal, buckwheat or couscous, is an excellent source of dietary fiber.

According to research carried out by the Lithuanian Sports University, eating 70 grams of Activus porridge will maintain the feeling of fullness for at least four hours.

The dairy-free product line is for vegans or for those who suffer from lactose intolerance. No sugar added – for healthy eating.

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sun yan nature

Sun Yan Nature

Natural taste!

Instant whole grain, palm oil free, Sun Yan Nature noodles contain natural and highly appreciated rapeseed oil.

Free from flavor enhancers, preservatives, synthetic color or palm oil.

Natural exotic additives, such as coconut, fungus mushrooms or green curry enrich this product and add an exceptional taste to the beloved Sun Yan Nature noodles.

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sun yan

Sun Yan

Discover the taste of Asia!

The popularity of oriental dishes inspired our experts to create the instant noodles line Sun Yan.

Sun Yan - six different flavors of instant noodles will help you discover the taste of Asia again and again.

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Instant noodles, mashed potatoes and rice porridge


Just in time!

Instant noodles, mashed potatoes and rice porridge – a perfect choice for garnish or as a separate dish for those short on time but looking for quality food.

Mashed potato porridge is a nutritious and healthy choice without artificial food coloring and preservatives. It also has pieces of dried forest mushrooms.

Rice porridge is rich in carbohydrates and minerals, low in sugar, fat and saturated fatty acids.


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noodles recipes

Production capacity instant noodles

Production Capacity

The company produces 260 million portions of instant noodles and porridge per year – 180 million cups and 80 million pouches. There is a growing need for the company’s production.

Therefore, in 2019, the company opened the most modern factory in the Baltic States to meet the rising demand.



Quality is the most important criteria for the company, therefore, the company constantly invests in new technologies and in the development of employees’ skills and qualifications.

We also analyze world market trends, search for new recipes and production solutions, and organize new product tastings for expert focus groups.

Only the best products go to the shelves and on your table!

Our technologists create over 30 new instant noodles and porridges recipes per year. We keep abreast of global dietary trends, taking into account the recommendations of nutritionists and cutting-edge nutrition research. That is why we are testing and delivering new recipes to our loyal consumers, as well as vegetarians, vegans and those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

product assortment for Private Label

Private Label Possibility

Kauno Grūdai not only produces its own production but also offers a possibility to produce for other businesses. Companies can choose Private Label services based on their recipes or ones created by the Kauno Grūdai R&D team.

Product assortment for Private Label: instant noodles, pasta, oatmeal, buckwheat, couscous, rice, granola, muesli, superfood mix.

The highest quality raw materials for instant noodles are made by Kauno Grūdai. Constantly improving recipes will allow your customers to enjoy only the highest quality products.

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